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Systems & Infrastructure

Multi-Billion / Multi-Strat Hedge Fund

Implemented an email intelligence system that allows compliance personnel to conduct SEC-recommended monitoring of information included in corporate email messages. The system allows for automatic monitoring/alerting for certain keywords, phrases or attachments, thus preventing loss of sensitive information. Implementation of the system resulted in 60% reduction of the efforts associated with conducting internal communications auditing processes.

Fund Administrator

Performed a forklift upgrade from a collection of legacy Cisco L3 switches (Cat 2948) to a cluster of Cisco 3750 switches in GigaStack configuration. Complete redesign of VLAN infrastructure and inter-VLAN routing was also performed during the course of a project. The upgrade resulted in a 40% decrease in network management overhead and provided a long-term scalable foundation for future network infrastructure growth.

$12 Billion Fund of Funds

Migrating a 3-tier critical application platform from local storage to an EMC Clariion NS20 multi-protocol SAN. Creating an implementing a replica of an existing production platform (including the EMC SAN) in one of the InfoHedge datacenters. Implementing asynchronous SAN-to-SAN replication between sites over an IPSEC VPN tunnel. Designing, implementing and testing application failover and recovery procedures.

$18B Investment Advisor

Implemented a fully featured Disaster Recovery site by creating a redundant subset of critical systems and hosting them in one of the InfoHedge datacenters. Exchange server and SQL server redundancy was implemented using NSI DoubleTake software for MS Exchange and for MS SQL. All critical in-house applications were implemented using Citrix Presentation Server.

Multi Billion / Multi Strat Fund

Implemented full-featured email compliance & archiving platform consisting of Symantec Enterprise Vault, Symantec Discovery Accelerator and Symantec Compliance Accelerator. Designed and implemented email archiving policies. Accomplished a 30% performance improvement of Exchange environment due to relocation of old email messages From Exchange server to the Enterprise Vault Archive. Trained internal IT team on administration and maintenance of compliance products.

Multi-Billion / Multi-Strat Hedge Fund

Performed a forklift upgrade of Cisco PIX 525 firewall cluster to a Cisco ASA 5520 firewall cluster. Replaced static routing with dynamic routing using OSPF. Performed an audit (security review) of firewall policies and made recommendations for improvements. Implemented Cisco SSL VPN functionality . Implemented AD-based authentication for VPN users using a combination of RADIUS protocol and Microsoft ISA server.

Hedge Fund Specific Technology Company

Designed and implemented a full-featured multi-data center ASP hosting environment from scratch. Hardware components included Cisco ASA firewall cluster with Intrusion Prevention technology, Cisco Catalyst 4800 switches, EMC Clariion iSCSI SAN, Dell PowerEdge blade servers, Sun Fire V240 x86 servers, Citrix Access Gateway security appliance, etc. Software components included VMWare Virtual Infrastructure clusters (40+ VMs), Microsoft Windows 2003 Active Directory, Microsoft 200 & 2005 SQL Servers, Citrix Presentation Server farm, Advent Geneva.

$2 Billion / Multi-Strat Hedge Fund

Redesigning network infrastructure in multiple offices to take advantage of high-speed Metro Ethernet connectivity by implementing high-speed coast-to-coast L2 circuits. Migrating from legacy T1 lines to high-speed Metro Ethernet fiber connectivity. Reconfiguring Internet connectivity from using a combination of static routing and LinkProof load balancing appliance to using a multi-homed BGP design that features multiple Internet connections per office with dynamic failover and load sharing. Phasing out all internal static routing and replacing it with combination of EIGRP & OSPF with route redistribution. Migrating IPSEC L2L tunnels from a legacy Cisco 3005 VPN concentrator to Cisco ASA firewall cluster. Implementing dynamic OSPF-based routing over IPSEC VPN tunnels.

Multi-Billion / Multi-Strat Hedge Fund

Relocated entire infrastructure from internal office space to one of the InfoHedge datacenters. Established high speed private connectivity with backup between client’s offices and InfoHedge datacenters. Infrastructure consisted of 12+ racks of equipment (70+ servers, Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches, Cisco MDS 9216 Storage switches, EMC Clariion CX700 SAN, etc).

Asset Manager

Assisted the trading department of the firm with a selection of an Order Management System. Implemented a turn-key solution consisting of Eze Castle OMS in a hosted environment. Application is delivered to via a redundant Citrix Presentation Server Farm. Electronic execution functionality is delivered via Site-to-site IPSEC VPN tunnels to NYFIX and Knight Direct.

Multi-Billion / Multi-Strat Hedge Fund

Designed and built a fully featured datacenter in one of the firm’s offices. The datacenter featured APC InfrastruXure 40 Kva UPS system with N+1 redundancy, dual redundant APC NetAIR 20-ton air conditioning units, 20+ cabinets with redundant intelligent PDUs, biometric-based security system, FM-200 fire suppression system, complete surveillance systems based on IP-based cameras and DVRs.

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