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A confluence of factors has caused the demands on today’s Broker Dealers to increase substantially. The client needs are becoming more complex, providers are introducing new products and features at a dizzying pace, meanwhile, regulatory requirements continue to increase. Add an extremely challenging macroeconomic environment to the mix, and finding the right technology solutions to improve the bottom line becomes a huge challenge. InfoHedge team is acutely aware that running an effective Broker Dealer requires sophisticated and integrated technology that increases client retention and improves productivity. Our team can help you implement the right combination of systems from basic IT infrastructure to sophisticated algorithmic trading systems, reference data products, reporting solutions and much more. With our InfoHedge Hosted PlatformTM solution, IT will be the least of your worries.

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Embedded Disaster Recovery & Compliance Platforms coupled with our standard Due Diligence Reply document will enable you to run your business effectively while fully satisfying regulatory compliance requirements. To speak with our consulting team, click here.

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