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InfoHedge Hosted Platform TM

Our InfoHedge Hosted PlatformTM program means you can start trading tomorrow. We'll house and provide a redundant, fully supported/managed technology infrastructure solution that will allow access to all needed systems & financial technology services. All Compliance Issues & Disaster Recovery services are included. We can either help you manage your office space build out or invite you to use our facilities. In either scenario your solution is fully managed by Hedge Fund technology professionals.

InfoHedge - Hedge Fund Technology
InfoHedge Seamless Hedge Fund Technology Integration

Many start-up financial firms face numerous challenges related to Information Technology. These challenges include costs, amount of effort and amount of administrative overhead required to implement and provide ongoing support for an in-house IT infrastructure. In addition to various regulatory compliance matters, today’s investors are beginning to closely evaluate technology platforms of the money managers they invest with.

InfoHedge Hosted Platform is a service that delivers full-featured enterprise-grade infrastructure over the wire, thus eliminating many hurdles associated with implementing and supporting an in-house IT infrastructure. InfoHedge Hosted Platform is a solution that caters to financial firms that wish to enjoy the benefits of enterprise-grade IT infrastructure without having to invest a fortune into designing, implementing and supporting one using in-house resources. Services provided by InfoHedge allow money managers to concentrate on their core expertise – investment process, while InfoHedge utilizes its core expertise in Information Technology to ensure that its Hosted Platform service adheres to the highest standards of security, reliability and usability.


InfoHedge Hosted Platform functionality includes features including but not limited to:

  • Phones - Carrier-grade IP-Based telephone service with various enterprise-class telephony features, such as conferencing, unified messaging, ability to manage most phone parameters (forwarding, location services, call logs, voice mail access” via a web browser from anywhere in the world, etc). Advanced features such as Voice recording and ring down line functionality are available upon request.
  • E-Mail - Microsoft Exchange 2007-based email system, which includes multi-layer antivirus protection, spam filtering, and automatic disclaimer.
  • Compliance - Full suite of SEC-approved communications compliance solutions, including full capture and archival of email messages, Instant messages (AOL Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, etc), as well as full capture and archival of all Bloomberg communications (Bloomberg email, Bloomberg IM and Instant Bloomberg messages). All captured communications are searchable from a single web browser-based interface by designated company compliance personnel. Any and all archived messages can be seamlessly exported for a transfer to a 3rd party (such as a law firm retained by the client) upon request.
  • Disaster Recovery – built-in Disaster Recovery with boiler plate plans for SEC registration
  • Files & Backup - Secure file storage, which includes locations for each user’s private files, as well as a location accessible by all users in a company.  All files are backed up on and off site, as well as replicated between multiple data centers.
  • Mobile Messaging -  our platform supports a full range of Blackberry devices, as well as selected Windows Mobile devices.
  • Remote Access - Full VPN-based secure remote access to the platform from anywhere in the world.
  • Applications Hosting – we have an ability to seamlessly integrate any 3rd-party software application (such as Portfolio & Risk Management, Trade Order Management, Portfolio Accounting etc..) into the platform and deliver them in ASP mode.
  • Market Data - Ability to seamlessly integrate any 3rd party connectivity solution (i.e. Market Data, FIX, Private Networks etc…)

Benefits of using InfoHedge Hosted Platform include, but are not limited to:

  • No need to invest large amounts of money into building a climate-controlled, secure datacenter (an area that houses all in-house infrastructure components)
  • No need to dedicate valuable real estate space to a datacenter
  • No need to hire and retain in-house IT staff. InfoHedge Hosted Platform includes 24-hour support.
  • No need to worry about disaster recovery of IT infrastructure – InfoHedge Hosted Platform has it built in.
  • No need to invest large amounts of money into building an alternative DR office location – InfoHedge Hosted Platform provides turn-key DR office space as an option to all customers of the platform.
  • No need to invest in expensive remote access solutions – InfoHedge platform is accessible securely from anywhere in the world.
  • No need to worry about scalability – InfoHedge Hosted Platform customers can seamlessly add/remove users by sending a single email request or making a single phone call
  • No need to worry about backups, redundancy, equipment support, warranties, etc – InfoHedge Hosted Platform includes these services at no cost to customers.
  • Modular platform architecture allows nearly infinite scalability.

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