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When you are running a large, complex hedge fund organization, the right technology is essential to efficient management and scalability of the business. You may have already built up a substantial IT infrastructure and the staff to go with it. Whereas some mission-critical functions are best to be managed in-house, most of technology used to support operations of a hedge fund may benefit from outsourcing. Many large (>$1B) hedge funds realized this and are now outsourcing some, or all of their IT services to technology vendors. This, in fact, reduces business risks as a knowledgeable IT vendor will provide wider expertise, better overall support, and the economies of scale not available to a single client. The challenge for you is to find the technology partner who is also well versed in the complexities of a hedge fund's operations. We at InfoHedge have developed the same level of expertise in Hedge Fund Technology as you have in Asset Management.

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