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MarketScreener provides the user with an at-a-glance view of companies or other financial instruments, along with their selected indicators, currently matching complex interactively specified criteria. MarketScreener goes even further by allowing dynamically generating such views for multiple data sources or an arbitrary moment in history.

MarketScreener is tightly integrated with the rest of QuantOffice applications. MarketScreener can be used to form MarketScope universes. MarketScope, in turn, can be used to research the effectiveness of a Screen by directly back testing it on an arbitrary universe of companies or other financial instruments.

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MarketScreener approaches the task by allowing the end user to define and execute any number of fundamental and technical rules across multiple data sources, assign screening scores to each instrument based on the “strength” of the rule, and combine individual screening results into one master screen based on cumulative scores.

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Ad-hoc analysis

Ad-hoc analysis

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