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New York, NY 10017
Tel.: +1 212 531 5800
Office Space
Shared – Whether you are launching a new fund, switching from one prime broker to another, or just looking for a turn key office space solution, InfoHedge can help. We can extend the use of our shared office space in five Manhattan locations. All buildings are "A" class and include all the amenities you’d expect including reception service, shared conference rooms, pantry, private offices & mini suites, copiers, faxes, and much more. All of your technology needs can be completely taken care of; by our experienced team of engineers and project managers.
  • Fully Furnished Executive Office Suites
  • Team Rooms and Individual Offices
  • Conference Services
  • Business Identity Services - "Virtual Offices"
  • Receptionist & Concierge Services
  • State of the Art Phone Systems
  • Broadband Internet Access
  • Video Conferencing
  • Broadband Internet access
  • Wireless Internet
  • Computer and network support
  • Copy / fax capability
Dedicated – If you are looking to lease your own office space and relocate your team, InfoHedge can help. We work with an extensive network for real estate brokers that will be available at your disposal to help in finding a perfect location for the right price. Moreover – we have tremendous experience is managing the entire process from helping you to secure the real estate deal to finding the right architect, construction, furniture, and moving vendors. All of your technology needs can be completely taken care of; by our experienced team of engineers and project managers.
  • Architect & design firm selection
  • Trading desk design and configuration
  • Office furniture vendor selection
  • Com room design and implementation including power, cooling, fire suppression
  • Office cabling infrastructure
  • HVAC design help and review
  • Audio / Video systems & conference room solutions
Technology Infrastructure
Hosted ASP – Our InfoHedge Hosted Platform TM solution allows us to have you setup with enterprise grade, hedge fund specific, technology platform with in a matter of days. All of the systems are hosted in our hardened facilities and delivered to you over a redundant secure connection. Features include:
  • Telephony with Voicemail & Unified Messaging – voice mail delivered as an e-mail attachment to you inbox
  • Soft Phones- ability to have phone on a laptop, or to have any number of physical Cisco phones in many locations
  • Call recording capability, ability to have ringdown lines,
  • Flat rate calling in US & Canada, call forwarding, conferencing, conference bridges, multiple extensions, call logs, corporate directory
  • Follow me feature, call control web portal with advanced features, auto-attendant
  • E-mail via clustered MS Exchange based outlook services
  • Antivirus & spam filtering
  • Enterprise level security – Cisco firewall cluster, hardened mail gateways, DOS security
  • SEC Compliant message archiving and journaling, IM Archiving, Bloomberg message & e-mail archiving
  • Mobile messaging using Blackberry Enterprise Server or Pocket PC Platform
  • Fully hosted, managed Active Directory
  • Storage and backup – fully managed & redundant back ups on/off site
  • Remote Access – from anywhere using RSA Secure ID and Cisco VPN
  • Facilities – hardened SAS 70 data center with redundant cooling, generator/ups power, fire suppression etc…
  • Embedded Disaster Recovery Options
  • Application Hosting - ability to centrally host and deliver any trading or execution platform, portfolio management system, risk management system, reference data products, market data products, CRM or investor reporting products
In-House – If you prefer to build and support your infrastructure in house, InfoHedge can help. We can deliver a range of solutions from a fully outsourced IT model where we will architect, build, and support your IT infrastructure to working with your internal IT staff on delivering discreet projects. We can also offer our Virtual CTO service if your firm can not justify a full time position. We have expertise in all aspects of Hedge Fund technology.
  • Active Directory Configuration
  • Server Builds & Configuration
  • Desktops & Printing
  • Financial Feeds & Exchange Reporting - Bloomberg, Reuters, E-Signal etc.
  • Mobile communication platforms - BES driven Blackberries, Synchrologic.
  • E-mail Services, Exchange, & SEC Compliant Archival Systems
  • Database Administration
  • Advanced Networking & Security
  • Virtualization Technologies
  • Secure Remote Connectivity
  • IP Telephony & IP Turret Systems
  • Redundant Data Center Design including cabling, power, cooling, and fire suppression
  • SAN Storage & Backup Systems
  • Antivirus, Spam Filtering, and other Security Functions
  • Biometric Access Control & Digital Video Surveillance
  • Complete construction, relocation or start-up management
  • Audio/Video/Presentation Technology
  • Enterprise Monitoring Systems
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Wireless LAN
  • Full Range of Disaster Recovery Services
Fund Administration
InfoHedge has a large number of Fund Administrators as clients. Through years of established relationships, we are able to recommend a fund admin / back office BPO provider that will best suite your particular business objectives and investment strategy. We work with several fund admins to help them in hosting and delivering value added technology services to their hedge fund clients including portfolio / risk management systems, reference data products, and portfolio accounting engines.
Front Office & Trading

Portfolio Management & Research – If you are looking for the right technology solutions or tools to augment your research and portfolio management process, InfoHedge can help. Our staff has extensive background in selecting and delivering the right mix of systems to increase efficiency and add transparency. We work with a lot of hedge fund technology vendors and know how to spot the gaps during the system selection process, as well as to pick the best tool for the job.

Execution & Order Management – If you are running a trading desk in a hedge fund, the right tools are absolutely vital to deliver successful results. Whether you are looking for best execution, access to dark liquidity pools, or algorithmic trading support, InfoHedge can help in selecting and implementing the right mix of products. In today’s landscape, having a right combination of products is essential to executing your investment strategy. We work with a many quantitative strategy groups to deliver designs and solutions that scale to fit the most demanding execution objectives.

Portfolio Compliance – Whether you are a RIA or just looking to implement internal control measures to assure that your investment guidelines are adhered to, InfoHedge can help you in selecting and integrating a compliance module to assure pre/post trade monitoring and portfolio limits. We also have expertise in delivering personal trading compliance solutions that ensure your staff is following internal procedures.

Market Data – From provisioning Bloomberg or Reuters terminals to selecting the right corporate actions source, market data is an essential cornerstone of your business. We have advanced expertise in picking and implementing market data delivery systems. If you are looking to for a robust market data system such as RMDS or Phat Pipe, or perhaps in need of a high frequency tick data repository, InfoHedge can deliver a solutions that your business needs. We also have an ability to manage data entitlements and deliver turn key exchange reporting solutions.

Middle & Back Office

Trade Settlement & Portfolio Accounting – If you are running your back office in-house or shadowing your fund admin, than you know how difficult it is to select and implement a right mixture of products to do the job right. InfoHedge staff has a lot of experience in selecting and integrating portfolio accounting systems, partnership accounting modules, corporate GL systems, and reconciliation products. We have done numerous gap analysis that include instrument coverage, reporting functionality, advanced features, and a lot more. The next time a question such as “Can you handle CDSs?” or “Do you support Bank Debt” comes up, you can count on our professionals to help you.

Trade Allocation – If you ever came across a question of how to handle allocations between your trading strategies, investment vehicles, or prime brokers, than you know that most of this functionality can only be accomplished by a custom solution. InfoHedge has extensive experience in building the “glue” to make this process work.

Human Resources – If your firm is rapidly growing and you feel the need for professional HR help, we can introduce you to some of the firms that we had worked with in the past to deliver an outsourced HR solution.

Payroll & Corporate Accounting – As a fund manager you want to concentrate on you investment process, and not to worry about handling mandate corporate routine. We can introduce you to some of the firms that we had worked with in the past to deliver an outsourced payroll & accounting solution.

Prime Brokerage
InfoHedge maintains close relationships with most of the Prime Brokers on the street. We often work in tandem to deliver solutions to start ups as well as advanced consulting expertise to large existing players. We would be delighted to introduce you to some of our colleagues at various prime brokerages.
Risk Management
At the core of our expertise are the processes that drive risk measurement and risk management. We realize that this essential component of portfolio management is a major cornerstone of you investment process. InfoHedge staff is highly familiar with majority of the vendor supplied Risk Platforms on the street. We are also able to custom build the functionality that may be “missing” from a selected Risk product. Whether you are looking to implement basic Risk systems, or design a multi-strategy risk platform, our architects will be able to add a lot value into the process.
Legal & Regulatory Compliance
Over the years, our firm developed relationships with numerous Law & Accounting firms that cater to the alternative investment industry. We’d be happy to recommend an attorney or an auditor if you are looking for one. InfoHedge also offers a full range of compliance services in conjunction with today’s regulatory requirements.
  • E-Mail Archiving & Retention
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Business continuity space
  • Instant Messaging Archiving
  • Bloomberg Messages, E-Mail, IM Archiving
  • Reuters Message Archiving
  • Instant Message Archiving
  • Personal Trading Compliance Systems
  • Pre/Post Trade Compliance Platforms
Marketing & Capital Introductions
When it comes to launching a fund, or growing your existing business, raising capital is process that requires a lot of work. InfoHedge can help you with picking the right marketing firm to design a corporate identity and add a “marketing spin” to your message. We can also help you design and build you corporate website. Perhaps your marketing staff is looking for a robust hedge fund specific CRM solution? InfoHedge can help. We have an extensive network of industry professionals who are either third party marketers, or seeders / incubators who we would be happy to introduce you to. We also work with a number of FoFs that are always on the lookout for emerging talent.

Office Space
Technology Infrastructure
Fund Administration
Front Office & Trading
Middle & Back Office
Prime Brokerage
Risk Management
Legal & Regulatory Compliance
Marketing & Capital Introductions

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